Basically no delay is felt

Basically no delay is felt, and the one-key switching mode improves the entertainment experience. The headset has three modes for switching, game mode, entertainment mode, and audio-visual mode. Compared with ordinary Bluetooth 5.0 chip delay rate in game mode, the delay rate is reduced by 42.9%, and the delay rate of Bluetooth 4.2 chip is reduced by 81.8%. The leading level in the headset industry; in the audio-visual mode, the viewing experience is improved by 2-3 times, and the Blu-ray 4K picture quality can be easily held.
Sonic F1 is equipped with DSP+ 8th generation noise reduction technology, with dual microphone noise reduction collection, whether it is an Android system or an Apple system, it can achieve a high-definition sound quality call experience. With the blessing of the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the signal transmission is more stable. , The slow half-beat of the picture has become a past tense. A single battery life of 7 hours, plus the charging compartment, the total battery life has reached 45 hours, and there is no need to worry about the earphones running out of power as a display.

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