The earphone shells on both sides integrate the touch function

The earphone shells on both sides integrate the touch function. The specific operation logic is that long press is for volume adjustment, single click to pause/play, double click to cut song, and triple click to wake up the voice assistant, which is very convenient. Fortunately, Meizu POP2 does a good job in this regard, thanks to the light weight of an earphone of only 5.4g, after putting on a silicone case that suits you, you will not experience obvious discomfort for two hours of continuous wearing.
The main body has 8 hours of battery life, and the charging box also has a 350mAh battery capacity, which can provide more than 24 hours of battery life for the headset when fully charged. It uses a brand-new Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which is indeed felt in the actual experience. It is stable enough, there is basically no disconnection during use, and the performance is satisfactory enough.

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